Our Vision

To be Australia’s first and and most trusted cosmetic concierge for Australia consumers.

Our Mission

To empower clients to make informed choices.

Our Promise

To provide a trusted platform and approachable services with industry knowledge, guidance and support.


We live a world where information overload is a reality, and it is tough to verify information online to guide your decisions.


Enter Pirk, Australia’s Personal Cosmetic Concierge service that helps connect those looking for a cosmetic treatment or plastic surgery. We work with a network of, trusted and qualified surgeons and cosmetic specialists. Think of it as a support system you can count on right from research to after-care. What drives us? A vision for a safer culture for procedures in the industry!

In the cosmetic surgery industry and at Pirk, clients refer to individuals who are looking for cosmetic treatments, both surgical and nonsurgical. Pirk helps our clients to connect with qualified specialists and surgeons within their network, and to support their clients with approved information from their network, support with administration leading up to procedures and support with post care.

Pirk is online here on its official website, with partners currently in NSW and VIC, with QLD and WA network to launch soon.

You can leave us a query here or slide into our DMs @pirk.au on Instagram/Facebook or LinkedIn. You can also call us at 1300 114 426 or SMS on 0424196112

At Pirk, we understand that a big decision should never feel difficult. Not only do we qualify our surgeons based on their training and experience, but we ensure all our partnered surgeons go through stringent checks including up to date accreditations, industry memberships and up to date liability insurance. Our team will visit and assess their clinics, vet their reviews as well as thoroughly onboard our surgeons/specialists and their teams, so you can feel confident that you’re in good hands.

Your personal Pirk Concierge will first get to know you, your needs and any preferences you may have like location, timelines, etc. Pirk will get back to you with suggestions for surgeons or specialists. This will be tailored to you, basis your individual needs.

Yes, Pirk will disclose important information regarding the surgeon/specialist for you to factor into your final decision. This information comes in the form of a Bio that includes qualifications, training and history. Do note that our surgeon or specialist suggestions factor in what’s relevant to you as a potential client.

If you choose a specialist or surgeon within the Pirk network, your personal Pirk concierge will book you in for the first consultation and connect you with the clinic. Not only that they will have all the pre-consult information you need, as well as some questions to think about asking when you arrive.

Yes we provide approved material from our surgeon network as we want you to have every opportunity to weigh up the benefits, risks and alternative for our partnered surgeons or specialists. We provide resources and materials that may help educate to make an informed decision. This information is sourced from our trusted and qualified partner network. You can also explore Pirk’s Learning Hub for more information or sign up to our newsletter to stay updated.

At Pirk, our aim is to provide a comprehensive guidance throughout your cosmetic journey. While Pirk can guide you on the expected outcomes and potential risks of cosmetic procedures, it’s important to note that we are not medical professionals and all of our information is general information that has been provided  . Our role is to guide and support you by providing general information and helping navigate the cosmetic process.

Yes, Pirk concierge service will facilitate communication with specialists including bookings, consultations and related administration services, and is some cases they may provide billing, on behalf of a Practitioner for you as a Pirk client.

At Pirk, we understand the important of aftercare support post-surgery or treatment. Pirk may continue to provide support after your treatment and during your recovery phase. During this time, we may also offer surgeon-approved care instructions. Further, in case of a surgical procedure, we may collaborate with  non-surgical specialists to aid recovery and provide further treatment options if needed. 

Pirk will send you a feedback form to capture your experience with our recommended surgeon or specialist. 

As a concierge service, our role at Pirk is to provide support, guidance, and facilitate connections with reputable providers. While we strive to recommend trusted professionals, Pirk cannot guarantee the quality of their work or the outcomes of the procedures. Ultimately, the decision to go forward with a surgery or treatment rests completely with you.

Pirk does not charge any fees to you, as someone seeking a cosmetic procedure, for our concierge service. In all cases your payment will be made TO the specialist or surgeon if you choose to go ahead with the procedure, and Pirk will charge them a fee. Pirk is not responsible for how they manage their fees in their practise.

All documentation will be provided by the surgeon/specialist and their team during the procedure. However, in case of any issues, and as your concierge, Pirk will assist you procure requisite documents and information as and when required.

All information shared by you to Pirk remains strictly confidential. We only proceed to connect you with a practitioner along with sharing your requirements, once you choose and approve a surgeon or specialist we recommend. We have data requirements I can have a look at

Please note that Pirk is not a medical provider. Pirk receives approved information from its partnered surgeons and approved websites. All information provided is general and should not be used as medical advice. Pirk encourages all clients to research and speak to a qualified surgeon or specialist before deciding what is right for them.

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